Malkaya The Fallen


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One 3d printed Malkaya The Fallen model from the Artisan Guild Collection. Printed at their native scale of 32mm with a 50mm Base. Standing an impressive 100mm.

Once paragon of justice and light, Malkaya, “Sword of Light”, fought side to side with Sol the Holiest thousand battles against the Abyss Demons.
Under mysterious circumstances, Malkaya has sworn faith in the forces of destruction, and now, renewed by unholy dark powers, she fights for the Tyrant’s forces by wreaking havoc on the battlefield, condamning the souls of her victims.
Will you unleash her wrath upon the evil or the good adventurers at your table?
Useful both as angel and fallen angel, this immortal lady comes in multypart with various options.

This Epic Boss Kit includes:

– Malkaya Body
– Head (with hair)
– Head (bald)
– Left and right Wings
– Modular weapons: Shield, Spear, Sword, Whip.
– Custom Base


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