COMPLETE Dwarven Defenders Modular Dwarves x6, 2 Heroes, 1 Mounted Hero, Terrain & Pin-up


Discover the Dwarven Defenders
Below the mountain, where the Dwarfs of Lok–Badar reign, honor is measured by strength and skill in craftsmanship. The defenders of this impregnable fortress boast excellent equipment, heavy runic armor and weapons finely decorated by the best dwarven blacksmiths.

Alvar Giantslayer
Alvar Giantslayer, commander of the Lok-Badar Dwarven Defender unit, is famous for defeating entire armies of giants who stormed his fortress. This old veteran, is ready to face his enemies and lead is battle brothers with his legendary runic hammer that goes back on his hande after being throwed.

Flokir the Skald
Master musician and tough fighter, Flokir is the hearth of the Dwarven Defender unit of Lok-Badar. His mastery in the Bardic and War arts are so fine that he’s able to intone powerful battle songs while hacking heads with his Axebow and shooting bolts from the distance.

Alvar on Thunderbeak the Gryphon
For ogre and giants, few visions are more terrifying than a Dwarven hammer-throwing hero riding a griphon. Especially if that gryphon is Thunderbeak, king of the gryphons of the White Giant mountain.

Runa – Dwarven Beauty
At the Smoked-Hog inn, one of the most famous and prestigious inns in Lok-Badar, dances the beautiful Runa. When she’s not working at the Inn she’s usually breaking Kobold and Goblin bones in the lower tunnel, togheter with Alvar’s Defenders.

Dwarven Mine Entrance
This ancient and decorated dwarven entrance leads to a mysterious mine. Are the Dwarves Defender guarding its entrance from outsiders, or are they sealing an ancient enemy inside?

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