The Explorers: Aspiring Adventurer / Explorer Tiefling Girl


The little tiefling girl adjusts her bag, and runs to catch up with the group, she goes toward the cartographer, who is currently looking at her map.
“Hey, hey, is it far? Will you show me on the map if there is something interesting to see, please?”
She doesn’t wait for an answer, and she runs to the ranger.
“Will you teach me how to shoot a bow? My brother never wanted to, said I was too young! Will you?”
“Hmm, why not ! We’ll see when we arrive!” says the Ranger.
She let out a ”yaaay” of eagerness and sprinted to catch up with the Orc guide leading the way.
“Why are you in the front?” She spots the longsword at her side. ”Wooooow, are you the strongest? I’m sure you already fought dragons! I want to be like you when I grow up!”
Model comes baseless.

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Our Premium Printed items are printed with Bio-Degradable Semi-Flexible Resin. Colour is not guaranteed due to limited availability of resin.
To find out more about the quality of our prints please visit this article “What’s The Difference?” on our blog.
While we strive to make the best possible prints, small defects may occur. The defects could include small layer lines, spurs stubs or dimples from where the supports have been removed.
The models can be carefully cleaned off using a small craft knife, modelling scissors or fine sandpaper.
Some of the models may need constructing, this is because the modeller may have designed the model in separate parts to assist with printing, we will include a standard base and all parts, but you may have to glue it together.
We would love to see your photos of our models painted or used in a game please share on social media tagging us with @3dandduk and using the #3dandduk

Size Guide:

Standard: A miniature that measures no more than 6 cm in height and fits on a standard 25 / 28 mm base. – in gaming measurements a medium character
Large: A miniature that measures no more than 10cm in height and fully fits on a 50mm base (including tale / any protruding items) – in gaming measurements a large character
If you have a figure which does not meet the above size guides, then please contact us?about a custom print order.
Any items that are used for scale in the image are not included in this purchase – Items may include dice, miniatures, terrain, tiles and copies of the original item, but show in a variety of colour. If you are unsure of what you are receiving for the purchase price, please contact us prior to ordering.”

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