The Cottage


Working doors and windows.

You can open and close the doors to make your tabletop more alive.

These windows have a slot where you can place transparent plastic foil or you can print out glass images with your inkjet printer. Use small tea lights to imitate the light inside while your players are adventuring in this area.

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To ensure the best quality 3D&D Exclusive Models are printed using a combination of our premium Bio-Degradable Semi-Flexible Resin and our standard Fused filament, colour and consistency between parts is not guaranteed to be the same due to availability of ingredients.

To find out more about the quality of our prints please visit this article “What’s The Difference?” on our blog.

While we strive to make the best possible prints, small defects may occur. The defects could include small layer lines, dimples or spurs from where the supports have been removed.

The models can be carefully cleaned off using a small craft knife, modelling scissors or fine sandpaper.
If a model comes in parts we suggest using superglue to piece it together.

We would love to see your photos of our models painted or used in a game please share on social media tagging us with @3dandduk and using the #3dandduk

Note: 3D&D provides a Pay-Per-Print Service, this service is for 3D&D to print the STL file which has been legally obtained from the artist on your behalf – This file will be purchased directly from the artist once your payment has been received. You will receive a full-sized 3d model as described.

While we try to ensure our models are printed at the highest quality they may have some visible layer lines or stubs.
Models are supplied unprimed and unpainted.
The item may require some assembly

Any items that are used for scale in the image are not included in this purchase – Items may include dice, miniatures, terrain, tiles and copies of the original item, but show in a variety of colour. If you are unsure of what you are receiving for the purchase price, please contact us prior to ordering.


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