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This page is where Patrons will find monthly models to choose from

As a Patron simply look through the list, when you see a figure you like make a note of the name. Choose as many figures as you are entitled to every month then message us on the Patreon page with your number choices.

All our models are Premium Printed items and printed with Bio-Degradable Semi-Flexible Resin. Colour is not guaranteed due to limited availability of resin.
To find out more about the quality of our prints please visit this article “What’s The Difference?” on our blog.
While we strive to make the best possible prints, small defects may occur.
The defects could include small layer lines or spurs from where the supports have been removed.
The models can be carefully cleaned off using a small craft knife, modelling scissors or fine sandpaper. If a model comes in parts we suggest using superglue to piece it together.
, Patreon

Black Scroll Games

Dungeon Works


Each model in this range counts as 2 models

Vae Victis

Cross Lance (Filippo Giovannini)

Artisan guild


Each model in this range counts as 3 models