Well, yet again we have sourced an amazing selection of wonderful sculpts to be available on 3D&D!

Recently, Miniatures of Madness have agreed for us to have a lifetime vendor license to sell their miniatures from their line of HOLD MY DWARF! models through their highly successful kickstarter!

Be ready to get your dwarves here as we set up the items on our storefront. For our customers here at 3D&D we are going to make sure that the price of all models will come down to near what our costs are to produce them.

Starting only at £4.00 per mini, this set of dwarves will be hard to resist!

With over 60 amazing Dwarven figures of all classes get your fighter, mages, clerics, kings, blacksmiths, necromancers, elementalists, rogues, hunters, barkeep, druids and more… in dynamic poses I cannot wait to print them all!!!

Mix these models with our selection of Dwarves from Artisan Guilds and you will have an army of over 125 unique individual dwarves. I’m obsessed! Collect them all!!!

For those dedicated and wanting the whole set released by Miniatures of Madness, please get your pre-orders in now and we can offer a special price! Core set of 30 Unique models for £60.00 or ALL in 60 Models for £120.00!!! This is £2.00 per miniature plus P&P for the complete sets! Get these on pre-order and they will be printed and shipped as the kickstarter is released!!!

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