April Patreon Update

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Final April Update.

To All our Patrons your parcels went out on the 27th so they should be turning up any time now! Enjoy your owlbears! – We added a “little” surprise to everyone’s parcel this month! (you will find out why the Owlbear is so aggressive) so please make sure you check your package!  As for next month (May)… we have yet ANOTHER creator to add to our list! Taking our official print partnerships to SIX! This is a new creator and the models have an amazing amount of detail because of this, not he does not release lots of models every month.

Next month’s community poll figure… You have all voted and the winner was B
Junes community poll figure is going to be ooozy!

We are just working out the logistics of the painting sessions and hope to implement them in June. This will not be just a painting session, but also a general chat for all our great Patreons to come together. 

Other information you should know about; the website www.3dandd.co.uk will be getting a makeover, making it easier to navigate and much more social.
We are also looking at ways to reward you for introducing new Patrons to us/staying with us/promoting us on the socials etc… these rewards will be exclusive rewards and only available through the reward system or purchased via www.3dandd.co.uk

We also edited the tier system this month:

  • Dungeon Master There is no change to this tier – This tier was initially a limited offer price.   
  • Epic Adventurer  This is now a duplicate of the Dungeon Master tier exactly the same apart from the name (as dungeon Master is a limited space tier.
  • Legendary Adventurer  This tier has the same great benefits at Epic and DM tiers except that all figures now come cleaned repaired primed and ready for painting
  • God Like  When you purchase this tier you will receive the same amount of figures, but they will all have been cleaned, primed, and painted! 

And finally our improvement to service poll, most of the changes that have been mentioned have come from the poll: 100% are happy with our service and that makes us feel great!  We will be sticking with the way you currently select the models, although I personally want to print each model off and take a photo of each model and number it (this is going to take a while!) We are also looking at using a code system rather than a number as I believe it will help us behind the scenes. Regarding the printing in different colours, personally I like the grey (we try and do magic in different colours) but the majority have said they don’t mind items being printed in different colours. At the moment grey is getting harder to get hold of (we are looking at dedicated suppliers now!) we do have stocks of grey for next month, but if this situation continues we may have to start printing in different colours. I am also happy about one-month delivery (makes my life so much easier lol!) and finally, I know you were happy with the packaging but I felt it was a little too large, we are sending out some parcels in smaller packaging (same thickness), if this doesn’t work we will revert back to the bigger stuff.

Wow, that’s actually quite a lot!  Everyone take care, stay indoors and be safe  Daniel & Jimmy 

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